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Ever reach a stage where your once pristine, beloved tiles have gone through so much damage that no amount of cleaning can restore their originality? Have you tried opting all possible Do-It-Yourself hacks and self conjured cleaning solutions? If they did not work, its time you step back and let experts take over.

Being among one of the most important monetary investment in any place, tiles hold a certain value in the life of tile owners. This being said, it is not easy for tile owners to say goodbye to the tiles to which they had held on to for so long.

For tiles that have gone through irrevocable damage, usually, only one remedy is adopted and that is of tile stripping. Removing tile flooring does not actually entail tile removal; rather the process involves removal of the sealer present on top of tiles.

Sealers are basically substances which are applied on tiles and grout at the time of their installation. These substances aid in keeping up the originality, spotlessness and pristine condition of tiles; thereby increasing their durability and longevity. The type of sealer to be applied is decided on the basis of the material of your tiles. Many chemical sealers are prone to reacting negatively to tiles whereby making their condition even worse than before. Moreover, some strong chemical containing sealers tend to leave a pungent odour behind which upon inhalation leads to irritation and aggravation of allergies. The main types of sealers are;

  1.  Surface Sealers.
  2.  Penetrating Sealers.
  3.  Water-Based Sealers.
  4. Solvent-Based Sealers.

Keeping in consideration the current climate change crisis, we at Grout Expert take our responsibility as service providers and diligent citizens very seriously. The products and equipment we use are therefore decided on the basis of their environment-friendly compositions as well. We make sure to utilize only those products which are not only best suited to your requirements but are also not hazardous for the environment. 

To remove tile flooring, we make use of high standard equipment which is tailored to provide only hassle-free tile removal.

Tile stripping process entails the removal of the sealer layer, as mentioned before. This is done because whatever damage the tile undergoes is actually underwent by the sealer. It is the sealer which faces all the external threats of contamination, stains due to any reason, foot traffic and furniture pressure. Tile removal is done when the sealer reaches its last stage of survival and begins to become so damaged that the threat of damage slowly shifts to tiles as the sealer layer wears off. To prevent sealers from flaking away and consequently, the tiles becoming prone to contamination; the process to remove tile flooring is carried out. The stripping process is then followed by the tile sealing process. Once the old sealer is stripped off, the tiles underneath are cleansed and are then applied with a fresh layer of sealer. This process is more like a renewal of the sealer layer so that the tiles underneath remain damage-free and safe. 

The details of the process to remove tile flooring are in front of you to analyze. The best and easiest way for this complex task to be carried out is by seeking professional aid. Tile stripping professionals at Grout Expert are not only exclusively trained in tile removal; they are also trained in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, our hassle-free and the well-devised process is sure to both eliminate your tile issues and gain your trust in our services!