Have you ever thought that heating your oatmeal in the microwave could affect the streaming of your favorite series on Netflix?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced numerous companies around the world to send hundreds of millions of employees who do work from home, while schools and universities implement virtual classes. These measures put great pressure on the internet to offer reliable connectivity.

Some electronic gadgets, especially wireless ones, can affect your wi-fi signal. According to Ofcom, some of the devices that cause interference include cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lamps, dimmer switches, radios, and speakers for computers, televisions, and monitors.

Platforms video using large amounts of data are also implementing measures to ease the burden on Internet infrastructure. YouTube announced that its videos will be played in standard definition for all of its users worldwide, less than the typical high definition that users normally view. The measure is expected to last about 30 days. Netflix announced that it reduced the quality of its videos for its users in Europe, after a request from the authorities of the European Union.

Don’t use the microwave when you need a fast connection

These appliances can reduce wi-fi signals, so if you are uploading a file or making a video call, make sure that nobody thinks about popcorn, or they could affect your connection.

According to Ofcom, the UK’s telecommunications regulatory body, these suggestions can help you establish a faster connection:

1. Keep your router away from other devices. Some electronic devices, especially wireless ones, can affect your Wi-Fi signal. Ofcom reports that some of the devices causing interference are: cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lamps, dimmer switches, radios and speakers for computers, televisions, and monitors.

2. Do not use the microwave oven when you need a fast connection since these can reduce the wifi signals.

3. The router must not be on the floor. They recommend that it be on a table or a shelf.

4. Connecting via an Ethernet cable gives you a faster and more reliable connection than connecting wirelessly, Ofcom says.

5. But if your connection is wireless, disconnect the devices you are not using, such as tablets and laptops. Ofcom ensures that, even turned off, they may be congesting your internet network.

Don’t put the router or modem on the floor

For these devices to work correctly, it is best to put them in a high place, and this can be on a table or a shelf.

Remember that Ethernet is faster

If your wireless connection is failing, remember that an Ethernet cable can make all the difference, as it gives you a faster, more reliable connection where other appliances don’t interfere.

Turn off the wi-fi of devices you are not using

If you are not using your tablet, laptop, or cell phone, but they are on, the best way to improve your wireless connection is to turn off your wi-fi. The reason is that even turned off, and they can be congesting your internet network with automatic updates or passive data usage.

In addition, you can perform an internet speed test to determine if the speed of your connection is what you should be receiving according to your data plan. Google offers free internet speed tests. In the Google search engine type “Internet speed test” and then click on “Run Speed ​​Test”. This free speed trial consumes less than 40MB of data and takes around 30 seconds.