The Golden Chariot Train A visit through important and unique goals of South India in sumptuous style. An experience in comfort, a sentiment on rail tracks, with legacy and social goals sitting tight for you to find them. 

Unique, modified agendas have been built up that leaves a vibration of the amalgam of the culture of South India. Sanctuaries, royal residences, loosened up seashores, an untamed life haven, and backwaters. There is something for everybody. The Golden Chariot is otherwise called the Pride of South. During its excursion, Golden Chariot train itinerary covers these following spots: 


Kabini is a well-known vacationer goal in Karnataka and a principal goal offering bounteous natural life in the nation. Situated at around 80 km from the city of Mysore, Kabini is a productive green environment for the creatures, particularly Elephants. Other than elephants, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is additionally home to an enormous assortment of winged creatures and deer as well. 


Mysore is the second biggest city in the province of Karnataka and found pretty much 150 km from the capital city of Bangalore. The historical backdrop of Mysore can be followed back to the old occasions when it was under the standard of the devil ruler, Mahishasura. Right now, Vilas Mysore Palace will be covered. 


Halebidu is well-known sanctuary goals in the nation, situated in Karnataka. Many tourists visit Halebidu during the time who come here to offer their petitions just as wonder about the compositional brightness of the sanctuaries. Inferable from this reality, the town is affectionately alluded to as the Southern Benaras. 


Chikmagalur is a slope station in Karnataka, a state in southwest India. Toward the north is Baba Budangiri, a mountain go in the Western Ghats, with three vast caverns said to be sacred. Trails through woods and meadows pave the way to Mullayanagiri Peak. Popular for the forested Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, northwest of Chikmagalur, is home to elephants, tigers and panthers. 


Guests keen on finding out about the design legacy of India would never stand to miss an excursion to Hampi in Karnataka. Situated in the northern piece of the state, Hampi is a little town that once housed the capital of the recent Vijayanagara Empire. The Virupaksha sanctuary is the best known and the most sacred strict site in the spot. The most well-known locales Hema Kuta Hill, Virupaksha sanctuary, Queens Bath, elephant stables, illustrious walled in area, Hazara Rama Temple will be covered.


 On day six we go onwards to Badami, the lofty capital of the Badami Chalukyas, a town generally mainstream for its perplexing cavern sanctuaries. In these caverns are Hindu, Jain and Buddhist sanctuaries. The first cavern has the symbol of Shiva as Nataraja, the subsequent cavern and third gives in have icons of Vishnu cut all over the place. The fourth cavern is known to house the Jain Tirthankars. In Badami, Pattadakal and Badami cavern sanctuaries will be available. 


 The most recent day of the excursion carry you to Goa. This beachfront city is far beyond the gatherings it is notorious for. Also, that is actually what you’ll observe. You’ll be visiting a portion of the celebrated old Portuguese houses and Catholic holy places of Old Goa, with the day finishing with an easygoing walk around a tranquil seashore. This city is a colourful mix of Indian and Portuguese societies, with the best fish in the nation. This touring incorporates seashore visits, shopping, and church visit: the lunch and high tea at a five-star resort in Goa.  Check out the whole ticket price of Golden Chariot to book a memorable journey

The end of this outing you will include a large number of recollections.