NewYork is a large and one of the diverse states of America, but many visitors not only visit NewYork they also went to some other places of the city. While NewYork city is an extremely exciting place to visit.

Beautiful lakes, famous college towns upstate and even world-famous Niagara waterfalls outside of NewYork city make your vacation extremely full of joy. JetBlue Airlines Reservations offer the best package for your family vacations

NewYork city is the biggest city of America, including all the parks having national and state parks, and beaches that attract both domestic and international tourists.

Before going to NewYork please find out the places where you should visit because there are some important and most enjoyable places like- cultural shows in famous theatres and Structures/ monuments et.. which makes it a different from the other cities

Check out the best places to visit in New York State

There are 5 Top famous Tourists spots

  1. NewYork city
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Finger Lakes
  4. Adirondacks Peak
  5. Rockaway beach

New York City

New York City as the most popular city in the United States mainly for its forefront of food, fashion and the Art also you will discover on the moving taxis, fast-paced pedestrians and also the strolling past on marquee galleries and stylish cocktail bars, and Times Square’s neon lights flickering at all hours. 

The city was full of twinkling lights and chaotic corners. It also invited you to embrace every minute and second, to explore every enclave and make your own urban adventure in the city. There are endless ways to spend some time within the city that never sleeps.

Niagara Fall

Many Tourists consider visiting Niagara Falls(top natural wonder of the world). Over the years, Niagara has gone from classic and cheesy honeymoon spot and, now, it’s an odd mix of the two. 

There is a large concentration of quickie wedding chapels and hotels backlit in blaring neon, as is enjoying the lush landscape at the Niagara Parks and Botanical Gardens. 

So if you want to enjoy the beauty and sound of Niagara Falls here is a two-seater vehicle and some water Jetty’s available for your special someone or pack of your family and take a spectacular trip to watch out the majestic beauty of famous world Niagara Falls.

Finger Lakes

If you feel tired and want a rest for some time, NewYork city has a romantic getaway called Finger Lakes which is popular for their nature and beauty which attracts the thousands of tourists who come here for the lake ride. This region appeals to travelers seeking a relaxing retreat with lovely scenery. 

Fingers Lake gives you all the enjoyment of nature where you enjoy the most famous activities of northwestern NewYork, such as- Skiing, winery-hopping, boating and hiking, these all activities are the attractive point of the tourists near the Finger lake. 

The Finger Lakes is known for its spectacular water flown and clean water lake, but with the wealth of charming towns and a variety of seasonal attractions, it’s a great tourist destination all over the year.

Adirondacks Peak

Now, it’s time to relax under some snowfalls to enjoy the beauty of nature in winter so why are you waiting just to come to New York City and visit a beautiful Hill station the Adirondack Mountains which can stretch across 6 million acres and are home to hundreds of communities, lakes, valleys, and trails. 

And take some Outdoor adventurers in Saranac Lake or Tupper Lake; skiers can shred the slopes of Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, and hikers can tackle the area’s more than 2,000 miles of scenic trails. 

Rockaway Beach

Also having all the Tourist spots in NewYork here Rockaway beach has created its own importance all over the year including all seasons of a particular year for the Tourists. On this you can enjoy different types of water rides as well as their cultural dance and parties in the evening with some of the wines and beers.

Rockaway Beach is the neighborhood of the Rockaway Peninsula in the NewYork city borough of Queens. It is the largest urban beach in the United States, on the coast of  Atlantic Ocean.