What if the street is sad and cold, it is raining or you are just tired of drying your pants on a hill near the entrance? It’s time to have a fun party at home with amazing boys, girls and … But don’t lean on the screen of your tablet or phone, or can’t go outside but your kids want to enjoy the bumper car. It’s very simple and easy, play fun indoor games with your kids.

Living – Inanimate

The presenter confirms that by mixing live and inanimate objects, the children only respond to “life” in the choir, but they remain silent about “inanimate.” The worst kid wins.


The children move toward the leader’s hand. As he spoke in all directions, everyone fled. After hearing the speech, “These guys have strict orders, they know where they all are,” and they run and build in a new direction. The latter is considered a loser.

Find the colour

The children stood in a circle, seeking the advice of the coordinator and letting the coloured objects touch them. The loser is the last one to come in contact with the right thing. He is not in the game.


All the children are fish and one of them is a predator. As the adults shouted “boat,” the fish hid near a wall, the storm raged against each other in the “storm,” and the word “predator” escaped, and predators found themselves and began to catch them.


The manager whistles signal the blind player and change direction. If you focus on sound, find an adult.


Children collect small things and put them in the same place. Choose to be one of the players at the back of the object. The moderator pointed to one of them and asked, “Who should this article belong to?” All of the participants saw the topic, but one person was left behind not knowing the topic pointed out by the leader. The player’s task is to impose a “fine” which the owner of the item must complete purchasing the item.

Through the hoop

On the one hand, the athlete holds a rocket with a table tennis ball and on the other hand a gymnastic brace. The player’s job is to make the curve from top to bottom and then from bottom to top without losing the ball. They play in pairs. The winner is the one who finishes the task faster.

Arithmetic cubes

For the game, you need 3 dice. Each time they throw 3 times. If the numbers are the same, count them (for example, 3, 5 and 3 falls, the sum is 3 + 3 = 6 if all the different numbers are removed, such as 5, 2 and 3 are not taken into account). If the three numbers after the next roll are the same (as 4.4 and 4), the sum of these numbers will also double. The winner is the one who gets the most three throws.


The player must find and restore all the layers in the room. The wash buttons can be different: plastic, wood, tinted, transparent, old, new. The most important principle: the more, the better. The players are divided into pairs. Some people have contacted the cleaning button. The task is simple. One child was blindfolded. The bedding is attached to the partner’s clothes. And hang clothes, not the kid himself. Where do they fix it? Players must not interfere in this process. Next comes the player’s blindfolded action. Its task is to find all the cleaning buttons on the drive and remove them as soon as possible.

Funny pictures

Develop a visual memory game. Ask your child to think of each of the 10 photos that represent a familiar object. Then ask the baby to name the things he remembers. The number of things your child remembers is important. Show the child photos that he did not mention. Try again in ten minutes. We recommend that you remember all the photos within an hour.

Get the town

The candidates took five socks and five socks. Their hands are behind their backs (holding the wrist with the other in one hand). He must sit in place to lift the city (washing machine, cube, hump, etc.) behind his legs without leaving his position and without touching the ground with his hands. The winner is the person who has succeeded more than 3 times in 3 attempts.

Find a bunny

You need a clean handkerchief to play. You have to take him to both corners, look at him from both sides and ask him, “Where’s our rabbit? Where did he run away from?” Then tie the ends of the scarves to make them look like rabbit ears, then say, “It’s a rabbit! Where’s his tail?” “At the other end of the scarf, tie a small tail,” That’s the tail! Let’s pet her.