While growing up young teenagers love to explore and learn things and driving is one of the most frequent activities. However, an inexperienced teen driver could face a brutal accident behind the wheels. So, this particular activity and many others always give parents a pause and they try to make sure teens safety while driving.

According to the National Safety Council

Almost half of the teenagers are involved in car accidents even before they graduate from high school. So, parents have to address their parenting responsibility to prevent your teens from accidents while driving any vehicle on the roads. If you want to make sure your teens stay safer all the time behind the wheels then you have to be in patience, and do communication with teens what to do and what they should not. Seemingly it is difficult, but you can make your young teens friends and guide them what sort of things keeps them safe all the time behind the wheels.

Use following Tips for better and safer results

Understand the risk factors first:

The organization of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) car accidents is the root cause of teenage deaths in the United States. Moreover, the insurance Institute for Highway safety reportedly stated that “per mile driven, teens are three times more likely to have brutal car accidents as compare to the adult drivers”. The statistics are always on the rise of brutal teens car accidents at the time they got their driving license initially. So, discuss with your teens about the stats and teach them safe driving habits.

Practice makes a teen perfect in driving:

The more teens do practice the better will be the results. Parents can help out teens to become safe drivers by sharing your personal experience. Moreover, you can teach your teens at what speed they should drive on the road. Parents can sit on the passenger seats for a couple of months and let your teens drive a car and keep testing their driving and point out the mistakes. You can ask your teens to drive in different weather conditions, day timings and don’t let your teens for driving at night unless you think he/she is ready for it.

Adopt a defensive approach:

Teach your teens about the significance of the defensive approach while driving. I mean a driver should keep a reasonable distance from other cars and vehicles and always stay alerts to see what is going on behind and both sides of the car and at the front. Moreover, always stay alerts for sudden right and left crossing of other cars and trucks and the movements of animals on the roads in particular.

Discuss the dangers of speeding:

Parents should emphasize speeding which is quite a common habit among young drivers. The speeding habit is very dangerous. Almost 35% of the fatal car accidents happen with youngsters ages 15-20, according to the report of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Fasten your seat belts: Commonly written message on boards

Seat belt is one of the major instructions that every teenager driver should follow and make it a habit. If you are not wearing seat belts, one you are violating the law and secondly you are putting your life at risk.  A sudden fatal crash can take your life, but at the same time if you have fastened your seat belts you have the best chances to survive in a brutal accident. So, parents should teach teens about the importance of seat belts safety. Since 2013 half of the teenage drivers have died in fatal car accidents because they did not use seat belts.

Prevent teen’s habit of texting while driving

Texting is the habit that is common among all of us but when it comes to teens it is the most frequent activity using cell phones behind the wheels. So, parents have to protect teens and stop them from texting behind the wheels. Parents can install TheOneSpy on teens’ phones and remotely block texting on teens especially when they are driving. So, parents can monitor teens driving habits to the fullest and further listen to the surroundings while teens are behind the wheels.


Parents can use these tips and tricks mentioned above and monitor their teens driving habits. It means parents can prevent teens from distracting driving habits and make sure they are safe while driving. Cell phone parental control software is the best tool to track teens driving habits.