The beginning of a new era:

In the beginning of the advent of Islam, when Muslims were not given their rights and were considered the enemies of the world, the Muslims and Islam faced a lot of challenges when it came to performing Umrah or practicing their religious activities freely. The Muslims had to migrate from Makkah to Madinah because of the situation that was created for them. They had to leave everything behind; their possessions, their religious place, their families behind. The Muslims left their homeland because the non-believers of Makkah were not ready to accept Islam at any rate. So, the Muslims migrated to their new home Madinah were the Ansaris accepted and welcomed them as their own. The Ansaris gave everything they had to their new brothers.

Desire to perform Umrah:

However, after a few days of staying away from their home and Kabah. Hazrat Muhammad SAWW realized that Muslims wanted to perform Hajj and Umrah. Just like today, where Muslims choose 5 star Umrah packages from Karachi to go to Makkah and perform Umrah. Every Muslim at that time who migrated was desperate and had a desire to visit their home and the holy Kabah. So, Hazrat Muhammad SAWW decided to take all the Muslims and go back to Makkah to perform the religious journey.

At that time there were no such things as cars or airplanes like today when Muslims buy 5 star Umrah package from Pakistan. Instead, Muslims had to walk and ride camels all the way to Makkah. But when the people of Makkah came to knew that the prophet of Allah Almighty and his followers were coming back; they thought that they were going to attack Makkah and them. But, Hazrat Muhammad SAWW saw that the Makkah people were confused. So, he sent a messenger to inform the people of Makkah that he was not here to attack rather they were here to perform Umrah and Hajj. The people of Makkah after hearing this message decided to let Muslims in Makkah for their religious ceremonies. A pact was also formed between the two tribes to allow peaceful commute between both. However, later that treaty was broken because of some killings. For 2 years Muslims came and go to Makkah as they wanted and as they pleased and there was no fight or bloodshed. However, once the people of Makkah (non-believers) got divided into tribes and killed some of the Muslims which resulted in a break of the peace treaty between Muslims and the Makkah people.

The attack on Makkah and the victory of Muslims:

The treaty was established so that the Muslims and non-Muslims could live in harmony and prevent bloodshed. But, since now there was bloodshed. So, the prophet of Allah Almighty along with an army of 10,000 Muslims who were ready to fight. In this fight, Muslims won but Hazrat Muhamad SAWW did not hold anyone his hostage or a prisoner from the tribe who lost. After the fight, the Muslims were free to travel to and fro Makkah and there was no more violence.

Even today, we remember this great event in the history of Islam. It is one of the things which makes performing Umrah and Hajj such important and vital for all the Muslims of the world. Islam is such a vast religion that there is not even a single country in this world that doesn’t inhabit Muslims. All year long Muslims buy various Umrah packages especially 5 star Umrah packages from Lahore and visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Everyone comes together at this one location and Makkah is never deserted. It is always packed with Hajjis who are busy performing their religious rituals.