In our pursuit for different outfits for the folks we have been describing a lot about the different outfits for the kids, the girls, the boys, the women, the men, etc. Today we are going to discuss about the outfit for a different occasion. And today it is going to be prom outfit ideas for couples so, come let us venture into the world of prom dresses.

Today I will present before you about one of my favorite prom dresses that I used to admire from my college days. The name of this prom outfit is ‘the matador’. This is a very attractive dress for the prom couple.

Now to describe the ‘matador’ prom outfit. The matador outfit is so named as it resembles the uniform that was worn by the bullfighters in Spain who were known as the matadors. This is a very amicably designed costume and is very unique in appearance. The top of the costume is a short about the waist length top that has full sleeves. The top is a very heavily embroidered garment with a lot of gold embellishments at the front, the collar and at the sleeves. The front of the top is open and there is a knitted vest that is worn under it. We will have a white color outfit but there are many colors in which the outfit can be procured.

Coming back to the top, the cuffs of the top are folded backwards at the sleeves and are the ones with rounded corners cuffs that are decorated with heavy embroidery and gold embellishments. As already told that the length of the body of the top is just waist high of the matador. The collars are big and are decorated with the matching heavy embroidery and the gold embellishments. The front of the top is left open but it has buttons that are golden and very fancy. The lower part of the outfit is like a tight fitting slacks. It does not have a fly or a zipper in front. Whereas the zipper is at the sides.

As already told that the lower is a skin fitting garment. The length of the garment is just up to the lower part of the knee. The lower is also decorated with heavy embroidery and gold embellishments. The lower is held in place with the help of a drawstring at the waist of the lower. The bottoms of the lower have laces at the sides so that the bottoms can be tightened at the bottom and can stay in place. Under the bottom there is a pair of knee length stockings that are made of knitted fine yarn in white color. The shoes of the matador are belles that come without laces and are flat heeled. The shoes are also decorated with heavy matching embroidery and gold embellishments. The most important part of the matador outfit is the hat of the matador. You must be remembering the hat that was worn by old time ship captains or the pirates or the famous captain Cook, who appeared in many fairy tales and comics. This hat is a wide brimmed hat also with the matching embroidery and gold embellishments on it.

Then we have a variety of prom dresses right from the denim jeans to the formal suit that can be worn by both genders in the couple. For the denim one they can both wear a pair of denim jeans with a similar checked shirt and a cowboy hat that will go well along with the jeans and a pair of high boots that the cowboys in Texas used to wear. Or couple is ready to go for the prom party.