Allah almighty has built a beautiful relation with His creation through the Quran. Some rules and regulations are necessary to lead a meaningful life. All the issues of life are discussed in the Quran for the guidance of mankind. The hectic routine of modern days has made it difficult for Muslims to go to a mosque and madrassahto acquire the knowledge of Islam. Moreover, people cannot extract a handsome amount of time to be at a specific place daily.

Get the benefits of learning the Quran from this home-based platform:

The online Quran academy in Pakistan has come forward with an initiative to provide standard Islamic education at home. These types of platforms are getting popular because it is suitable for people to learn the Quran from their home. Being a single parent is a dual responsibility on my shoulder. My husband passed away in an accident two years ago. Since then, I have been working in a bank and looking after my kids as well. It is also unmanageable and difficult for me to take my kids at madrassah as I return home at 6:00 pm.  Moreover, it is also very difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable Qari at the same time. That’s why I decided to go for online Quran classes.

Start your class on your own decided time:

I contacted an authentic online Quran academy in Pakistan as one of my friends has experienced it before. She told me the teachers are very competent and trained to deliver lectures. I was satisfied in the first trial session. The most convenient part for me is that I have managed the schedule of the class according to my own choice. The teacher is very regular so I have to set my laptop and internet at least 15 minutes before the class starts.

The dedicated online focus to develop quick learning skills among students:

The online Quran tutor speaks eloquently and gently with my kids. His way of teaching is impressive and engaging that encourages children to learn the Quran. The teacher is experienced enough to know about tricks and modern teaching methods to engage students. The professional tutor built a basic understanding of words and their pronunciation by starting from NooraniQadia. He focused on Tajweed and the right orthoepy of letters. He provides comprehensive details about progressing reports of my kids to me on every week. The online Quran tutor has also memorized short Surah, Dua, and Kalma to my kids. My kids are fluent in reciting the Quran with Tajweed that seems very pacifying and satisfactory. I am getting worthy results for which I selected this online teaching platform. It was also non-onerous for me to pay the fee in installments. Everything is going on perfectly and I am satisfied with their services. I suggest all parents to fulfill this religious responsibility of learning the Quran to their children by selecting the online Quran classes. It will save your time and money as well.