At the heart of an inbound strategy, natural referencing holds a very important place in it. Google, Bing or Yahoo, the majority of Internet traffic comes from these search engines. Setting up a paid SEO services campaign via Google Ad words can be very expensive and requires many skills. However, a web marketing agency can help you run profitable campaigns and choose the right keywords.

Another alternative exists, interesting from an economic point of view but long to set up: natural referencing. It is based on an optimization of the referencing on the website. A content strategy work must then be implemented. But then again, it is easy to make mistakes and quickly get discouraged, a digital marketing agency can help you. From a marketing point of view, the most relevant is to conduct both SEA campaigns but also SEO optimization with dedicated tools such as content creation. 

What is Outbound Marketing?

In marketing, there are two great schools: inbound and outbound. One is the most classic, it is the most “brutal” way and the other is the future. If you are part of the outbound, it is high time to head to an inbound marketing agency to open up to new possibilities. But then what is outbound marketing  ? This is the so-called traditional form of marketing, this technique is running out of breath. It uses intrusive and repetitive advertising like media and non-media campaigns. An effect of growing weariness is gaining consumers, overwhelmed with daily advertising, the impact of which tends to diminish more and more. 

An agency specializing in inbound marketing will offer you the keys necessary for the transformation of your communication to be more in line with current consumer behavior. The advent of inbound marketing has developed in this context and is now used in all marketing strategies. In general, inbound marketing consists of attracting and selling a product / service in a more gentle way. You will try to answer his questions and offer him quality content so that he is interested in you. Once this step is completed, the prospect knows you it is time to work it through your salespeople. But that does not stop there since inbound takes into account customer loyalty thanks to digital tools, the balance of power is then reversed. 

Creation of a website

The focal point of digital marketing is the website. It is necessary or rather fundamental to have one adaptable to all your devices (mobile, tablet) and with an optimized SEO. The site is the foundation of the web presence and is the window of a company, it will reflect the image and the values ​​of this one. You understand then all the importance that a website represents, it should not be overlooked!

To get a professional website, unless you are a web developer, you will have no choice but to entrust its creation or redesign to an agency that has development skills. 

All you need to do is set out a specification for your website to come to life and bring real added value to your business; it will be the anchor point in your communication, which is now digital-oriented.Some questions and their answers

What is Internet Marketing and is it Different from Digital Marketing?

The term Internet Marketing is an older term and was more common in the 1990s. With the advent of digital marketing tools, digital marketing has gradually replaced the term of digital marketing (read more: What is internet marketing)

Are the terms digital marketing and digital advertising synonymous?

The two terms are different, and both are similar to those of advertising and marketing.

When we talk about digital marketing, we mean understanding the market using digital tools to solve market problems and needs through product design and delivery. Whereas when we talk about digital advertising, we assume that we have a specific product and that we simply want to convey our message to the public using digital tools.

Where do you start listening to the digital marketing podcast?

It is generally not difficult to find and find digital marketing podcasts (as they are limited). But if you want to listen to digital marketing podcasts in English, choosing the right podcasts for digital marketing training will not be easy. We suggest that you first consult the following two podcasts, then consult other resources.