The objective of this article is to tell you how to enable OTG support for Android mobiles. There are a lot of people who think that they can use these devices without OTG support, but the truth is that most devices do not offer any online connection for your connection. The only used mobiles in Dubai have kept this quality. If you have been thinking of getting an Android tablet and need to know how to use it without an online connection, you should read on!

Take Out Your Device Battery And Insert In The Socket

The first thing you will want to do is to take out the battery from the device and insert it into the outlet that the tablet came with, then plug the power source into a USB port. The next step is to open the tab and find the flash chip inside. With your pin-hole lens, remove the chip with a metal tip brush to make sure that you get the disk out from under the solder point.

Remove The Pins And Connect With Flash Chips

Now, you can remove the bolts that you can use to connect the flash chip to the tablet so that it will be ready to be connected to your laptop or other PC. You will need to find the USB connector on the board. After you have removed the pins, you can insert the new chip into the slot that you had just installed.

Use A magnifying Glass To Find Remaining Parts

This step is pretty easy, and you can do it by yourself as long as you have the right tools. First, you will need to use a magnifying glass to make sure that you find the remaining parts of the flash chip. Next, you will need to attach the remaining wires to the new disk and start connecting the pins to their respective terminals on the board.

Connect Power And Data Pins

Make sure that the power and data pins are connected, while the output and ground pins should be connected. Once you have done this, you can start inserting the new chip back into the board. The final step is to reset the tablet by pressing and holding the reset button.

Check Your Phone For Confirmation About OTG Ready

Once you have done this, you should see a message that says “OTG Ready,” as well as a blinking LED. You should now be able to connect your tablet to your computer through the USB port, and you will be able to use the device!

Use CMOS Chips For Efficient Use

Flash chips that were used to flash ROMs on devices were made to function in hardware that was based on microprocessors, but today we use CMOS chips, which are more efficient for this purpose. With this technology, you can get tablet devices that work on any PC or laptop. They can also be connected to your Android smartphones and tablets through the USB port.

Get OTG Support For Android Devices

You can get OTG support for Android devices using a variety of methods, depending on what kind of tablet you have at our Used Mobiles in UAE. Some tablets are designed to allow you to plug a USB cord into the tablet and get OTG support, but others require a unique tool to connect them. I will share a few different methods that I have found that works well for me.

ADB Tools

The first method I found to be extremely useful when it comes to getting OTG support for Android devices is using a tool called ADB tools. The ADB tool will allow you to connect the tablet to your computer through a USB port, and you will be able to use the tablet as if it were a computer.

Window Keypad

However, you will need to download and install a tool called Windows keypad. This is a particular USB device that has a trackball. You will need to use this to connect the tablet to your computer.

USB Cable

The second method that I have found to be useful is by using the built-in USB cable on your computer and running a simple ADB tool on your tablet. This method will also allow you to use the tablet, just like a computer. However, you will not have to buy a special adapter for it.


Having the right tool can help you connect your Android tablet to your computer quickly and efficiently. With the right software, you can also get Android phone accessories to use with your tablet.