Dogs can be litter box trained, but a lot of their litter will end up on the artificial grass and weeds that are in the yard. One way to reduce this is to use water in your home for dog urine. Make sure you have plenty of water for use in this method forĀ artificial grass Dubai.

The First Step In Cleaning Dog Urine

The first step in how to clean artificial grass dog urine is to clear out your carpet or rugs. When I say carpet, I mean carpeting and rugs. If you do not have a carpet area in your home, make one, you can use a newspaper if you like.

2nd Step

Next, get some water and place it in a bucket. You will need more water than you usually would because you want to get the urine down to the roots, but this is one method that you will use that you will never get rid of completely. Pour the water out onto the floor and then get a scoop of sand and place it into the water. This will absorb the urine to make it less concentrated.

3rd Step

Place a bucket or a piece of cloth on top of the bucket with the urine and then place a soapy cloth over the bucket. Then let the soapy water drain into the soapy water and use the bucket to do a complete spot clean.

4th Step

After you clean the rugs and the carpet, you will want to place a clear plastic bag into the soapy water and then rinse out the toilet. It is much easier to reuse this piece of garbage once then you can to clean up all the other mess.

If you can get your dog to sit down on the rug and wipe the urine off the inside of the carpet, it is better for a spot treatment than trying to clean the urine from the outside of the rug. If you can, run a bath for the dog before you start using this method.

Use A Heavy-Duty Carpet

Use a heavy-duty Carpet Tiles cleaner to give the rug a thorough cleaning. You will want to clean the entire room or even the whole house, be sure you get to every inch of the rug and carpet. Most commercial cleaners will clean easily.

Use A Bleaching Agent

When you are doing the carpet, make sure you purchase a heavy-duty carpet cleaner and a two-part cleaner that uses a bleaching agent. These products will help the odor to go away as well as help get rid of stains. Make sure the soap that you choose is non-abrasive and will not harm the rug.

When you are doing the outside, a great option is to put a burlap bag over the soapy water that you washed out before using the house cleaner. The scent will mask the odor. The plastic will absorb the urine, so you can use another method to get it back to normal.

Use Absorbent Diapers

You can also use absorbent diapers or soak socks that are absorbent for spot treatment. To get a thorough effect, you can place them in the house for an hour or so and then soak them in warm water and soap.

Make sure you do not do this with baby wipes because the chemical in the natural liquid soap will remove the natural absorbent properties. You will need to clean up all the urine on your own by using a vacuum cleaner or a plunger to get as much as possible. After you have collected the urine, dry it off on a paper towel, and apply some of the creams that you made. Use this also as a sudsing remedy. The sun is the best way to collect urine, but that is a consideration if you will be in the sun much of the day. It is also essential that you do not dry off the area too much since it will remove some of the urine.


Finally, try to get rid of the urine by not spraying the home with harsh chemicals. Hopefully, you will find that a spot treatment with a vacuum or paper towels and Sofa Bed works best in this situation.