Your spooky costume will never be complete without a pair of some Halloween contact lenses, or to put it simply your Halloween would be a complete waste without them. These lenses are a necessity for all Halloween related events or even cosplays. Talking about these events and cosplay conventions, Halloween contact lenses are the perfect elements to inspire your fancy costume, you can now dress as your favourite horror character with these Halloween contact lenses and you wouldn’t need to put any extra effort into it.

Halloween always brings some of the most amazing and horrifying characters to life and we get to dress up as anyone as we want. Nothing beats the fun at Halloween, it is fun, crazy and super exciting. So, you just need a pair of Halloween contact lenses to make things work and your Halloween costume would become the very best.

Need some inspiration? Then we have a list of Halloween costumes that you can wear for Halloween and bring them to life with Halloween contact lenses.

The pinhead

Pinhead the hellraiser is a transformed horrifying entity that tortures anyone who tries to solve the lament configuration in the labyrinth realm called the hell. This figure lost all his human identity and memory since his transformation and serves a deity called the Leviathan.

Now Pinhead seems to be a great Halloween costume inspiration, with a white pale head and face and pierced all the face, head and skull with pins. Quite horrifying if you ask me. So all you need is a facial makeover and a black gown to make things simple. The real addition to the costume would be the addition of black sclera contact lenses, you may wear the full black sclera lenses or the Black Mini Sclera 17mm contact lenses to complete the costume. With these lenses your Halloween costume the Pinhead would be complete and look amazing.


Let get another classic character in for Halloween shall we. Kurt the Barlow is another very old type of costume, but quite disturbing at the same time. This Halloween costume is perfect for Halloween. Why? For many reasons, first being that you would rarely find anyone wearing this costume and secondly this costume is very scary and the its details are very amazing for any Halloween costume.

You know what you have to do for this Halloween costume to work, first part is the facial makeup that would include some paint and the fake teeth. Second, you would need a pair of Halloween contact lenses to make it work. There isn’t just one Halloween lenses that would work on this costume but you can wear many different. Naturally the yellow wild cat lenses are the best choice but you can improvise with bloodshot red lenses or the blind white Halloween lenses.


The most mysterious of characters in Harry Potter and one of the most misunderstood. He may seem unlikeable to most but in the end it showed how much resolve he had. Still for the whole of the series snape was considered evil and unlikeable by almost everyone.

So why not get yourself a dress up just like professor snape? A man whose identity was always in the dark and so was his appearance. The professor snape we knew always wore black robes and had dark black hair that always looked wet and greasy. With that you have your Halloween costume and all you need are just a pair of blackout Halloween contact lenses.


How many parts of the film Grudge have you watched? Remember the white ghosts from the that film? The woman Kayako Saeki who was killed by her husband and later returned as those white ghosts to haunt him and anyone who dared enter their home. Whoever entered were cursed and later killed.

That brings us to this costume design, with a complete white body and black hair and eyes. So I guess you know what to do. All you need in the end are the black lenses and the perfect costume.


Let us get another old timer in the list shall we? Count Dracula is probably one of the oldest characters we have in the horror category. Vampires and draculas are always a theme for Halloween so dressing up as the most feared Dracula of this time would simply be amazing for Halloween. Just get your face to look pale like white and some fangs with a drip of blood to make things a bit real. But if you want to bring the costume to life, then the use of whiteout contact lenses or the red contact lenses are the only product that will do the trick.


Michael Myers makes a return in 2018 after escaping custody and laurie strode must make an effort to defeat someone who horrified her all those times.

Now Michael myers seems to be a great Halloween costume idea this time around. With Michael myers costume all you need is the right attire and a face mask to hide behind. With a knife in your hand you would simply be done with everything and the last thing that will remain will be the right Halloween lenses. With this costume you can wear the black sclera contact lenses or the red lenses to show more blood thirst. This is a perfect Halloween costume, dressing up as the psychotic killer.

I hope you have enjoyed the list and will find some inspiration in them. These are some of the best Halloween costume inspiration that we could give you. Make sure that you are using the special Halloween contact lenses to really add some spice to the costumes.