A car is not merely a vehicle but it helps you to enjoy a rip-roaring adventure on roads that meet with your dreams. What do you think of getting a luxury car on rent in Dubai? When you visit Dubai, you see many Lamborghinis in the parking slots outside exotic restaurants, grandiose malls, and high-end streets. The roads are not bumpy and you will enjoy a smooth drive on the road. Even the high-end squads of Dubai Policeare using Luxury cars because of their superlative horse-power and heart-throbbing drive. When you stay in a 5-star hotel, dine in the sumptuous restaurants, and visit luxury places then, getting a luxury car like Lamborghini on rent is mandatory. No doubt, Lamborghini is the most popular sports car among tourists, especially among teenagers.

Being a resident of Italy, I decided to spend my vacation in Dubai with my wife. Luckily, both of us are adventure-seekers. I made a reservation for the hotel and booked our tickets. I had already planned to hire Lamborghini during my visit. I browsed a satisfactory Luxury car rental in Dubai to get this car. You must check out all the terms and conditions of a rental company before selecting a car. I get to know about the key specifications of Lamborghini from the website and booked the latest model of Lamborghini. Oh my God! The most ravishing experience was driving Lamborghini.

I could not explain the exalted features of Lamborghini. Driving Lamborghini is an enthralling experience in the words. When I got Lamborghini, the car was trimmed and well-maintained. We decided to go for a perfectly romantic long drive. The Coupe body style and orange color of Lamborghiniwas looking boisterous and glorified. The two scissor-cut doors look voguish. The petrol prices are comparatively less than other developed countries so you should not worry about paying a high amount of bills for filling your tanks with fuel. The fuel tank capacity of Lamborghini is approximately 90 L which is sufficient for the long drive.

Driving Lamborghini is a lavish experience in Dubai:

The Lamborghini has a good mileage capacity of 3.22 kmpl in the city while the ARI mileage capacity is 7.69 kmpl. The adjustable steering wheel is swift and aesthetic to handle the car while driving. The rack and pinion type powered steering wheel offers a smooth and prompt displacement of tires. Lamborghini sports car on rent in Dubai is a perfect blend of comfort and luxurious drive. The two leather seats are super comfortable and relaxing to enjoy an invigorating long-drive. The 7-speed gearbox with automatic transmission offers smooth working of the engine. The keyless entry provides a seamless start of the engine.

Enjoy the hair-raising speed and elevated power of the engine on roads:

If you have not taken coffee in the morning and took a ride in Lamborghini, it will rush adrenaline in your veins. The naturally aspirated 5.2 L V-12 engine of Lamborghini offers a hurricane-like thrilling and robust speed. You can achieve a maximum speed of 351 kmph which is more than an invigorating drive. There are 12 cylinders and 4 valves are available per cylinder. The energizing sound is created by titanium made intake valves. The powerful engine of Lamborghini sports car on rent in Dubaican make horsepower of 770bhp@8500rpm. This much power runs the herculean engine of Lamborghini on roads swiftly and nimbly. The maximum torque of the internal combustion engine at the crankshaft is approximately 720Nm@6750rpm. This higher amount of torque accelerates the speed of a car while driving on the highway or within a city. With this superlative combination of torque and horsepower, Lamborghini can accomplish 0-100 kmph acceleration in just 2.8 seconds.

Lamborghini is the perfect partner of adrenaline-junkies:

The internal temperature control sensors monitor the temperature and automatically turn on a heater or air-conditioner. You can place a cup of coffee in the cup-holder. The Carbon ceramic made front and rear brakes provide protection from the collision. The automatic braking system assists the driver and stops the car before an accident. The rear parking sensors help to park the car with increased efficiency. The rain-sensing wipers automatically sense the environmental condition and start working. Through Xenon headlamps and LED front lights, the driver can drive during dawn & dusk time. You can connect the radio, USB, and Bluetooth to entertain you while driving. You can play the songs because the boosting speakers give crystal clear sound. The touch-screen gives access to the front panel and the integrated 2DIN Audio system is also available. Moreover, the central locking and anti-theft system give extra protection from any illegal act or robbery.

I cannot resist my non-measurable love for Lamborghini. I thank the authentic Luxury car rental in Dubai for providing me with a lavish Lamborghini during my visit to Dubai.