Between 2018 and 2021, UAE’s annual real GDP growth is expected to average at 2.9%, according to Forbes Middle East. Thus, most real estate agents in Dubai are striving to establish their name in the city’s real estate industry and become leaders in the local market there. Of course, they must be able to successfully deal with challenges and obstacles. Unfortunately, they do not realize that the key to success in this industry is to perform on the same level as the most accomplished salesperson.

Much like sale success, whether or not a real estate agent there will manage to get to the top of the market depends on three similar fundamentals. Namely,

  • How knowledgeable the agent is about local real estate market,
  • What is their perception of the market, and
  • What their selling mindset and method is like.

Many Middle Eastern real estate agents do tend to receive guidance from a mentor in their agency. In terms of sales training, Dubai has a lot to offer, so it is not a very farfetched idea for them consult with a company that will ignite their sales.

The kind of advice they are likely to receive is not limited to but may include the following.

Forget About Sales

It may seem counter-intuitive, but real estate agents should not solely emphasize on selling or think of their clients as “prospects. The client’s needs should be the number one priority, and they should focus on coaching and empowering the client. Clients generally describe their goals to the agent, who should steer the client accordingly, educate them appropriately, and offer them relevant counsel.

Keep The Options Open

There is nothing more valuable than real estate agents can offer their clients than trusted advice. This means that they should lay out as many options on the table as they possibly can. Of course, they should definitely recommend which of those options would be best, but they should never pressure their clients into choosing one. Honesty leads to building trust, which is far more important than whether or not a sale will succeed.

Be Active

This is an advice that is often conveyed to those receiving sales training and it applies to real estate agents as well. They cannot expect to drive results if they are not active. This means that they should spend as much time as possible making calls, attending networking events and following up.

Activities like these contribute a great deal towards generating real estate sales. Sure they should also indulge in brainstorming and have inter-agency meetings, but the focal point of their activities should be to generate sales.

Recommend Property Ownership

A client will never be able to create equity in Dubai if their real estate agent recommends that they pay rent when they can actually afford to buy. Property ownership is the correct option for creating equity. Even in the Middle East, it is a relatively common practice for people to borrow against the piece of property they own. They then utilize that equity to make further investments, whether in a business, education, or even more real estate.

Conclusion – The Corporate & Real Estate Industries Revolve Around Similar Fundamentals

It may seem unconventional, but it makes sense for a real estate sales force to employ the creative services of a professional sales training Dubai based company in order to receive end-to-end sales solutions. If you want to grow your real estate business, then the best thing you can do is invest in sales education that ignites creativity in your team.