More than enjoying or watching videos people are nowadays heading towards creating videos, but of course, the competition is high in every field. So, the question arises on how to increase your subscribers in 2020.

1. Planning And Scripting

Planning and scripting is part of the pre-production process. Planning requires deciding your or your channel’s niche i.e. what your channel is going to deal with. For instance: food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc. Coming onto scripting, this is not a movie or a TV serial that you have to cram things. Scripting here means to make sure of the important things you need to speak in a particular video. Often, to gain subscribers on a channel when a YouTuber is ending the video, they say, ‘like this video, and please subscribe to my channel’ which as per my view plays a vital role as we as a viewer sometimes forget to do so.  

2. Producing Content Regularly

People subscribe to a channel because they like their content, obviously being a viewer you would be keen to see more of your favorite one’s video, producing and posting content regularly is the first and foremost way to gain subscribers, also to be their favorite throughout and be on the subscribe list of your viewers forever.

3. Adding Watermark

Adding a watermark works well, for example adding the symbol of ‘subscribe’ to every YouTube video you put. The more it will pop out the more it will be noticed by the viewers and will be clicked and inserted on their minds, which will help to grab the attention of the people as while watching your video they may consider helpful or relevant by subscribing to the channel.

4. Producing Highly Engaging Content

Today’s generation either wants to see something entertaining or informative. So producing content which is highly engaging and making people stick to it is very important and plays a vital role. Making video and posting and gaining views is quite easier than being on your viewer’s favorite list forever. An individual will only subscribe to your channel when your video is highly informative, engaging or entertaining.

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6. Editing

Editing comes in the third stage of the production process. Posting unprofessional or unfinished videos would not attract people. People want to follow or subscribe to a channel which shows professionalism so that they can trust their content. Thus, editing plays a vital role in professionalism. Editing and taking shots which you think are not perfect, of course, is important to gain people’s trust on you and your Channel. 

7. Making Effective Use Of The Description Box

Providing some keywords in the description box will highly benefit your channel to gain subscribers as they might find you on search engines with the help of the keywords used. Though the words should not be overused or very long content should not be written. Your description box should be very brief and should give an insight or an idea of what your video is about.

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